Grey Marl Moment


Marc Jacobs AW09

Isabel Marant AW09

Grey marl sweatshirt is currently having a huge moment and can create an edgy daytime look or tone down a dressed up outfit.

Marc Jacobs set it all off with his AW09 collection. His 80's inspired sculptured shoulders and belted waist sweatshirts showed how to work grey marl at the disco, pairing it with a metallic skirt to create a look you could easily wear to a party.

Whereas Isabel Marant showed us how to wear it to work, teaming an understated grey sweatshirt with a tiered silk skirt, this look is the eptiome of laid back chic.

So when I saw H&M had this perfect grey marl sweatshirt for just £9.99 I snapped it up. I found it in the men's section so I made sure I got a small size so it was more fitted, as the look wouldnt work it the sweatshirt was too oversize.

Its such a versatile piece to have as it can be dressed up or down and can be worn bare without accessories or perfect with a statement necklace.

Here are some of my outfits I have so far for my sweatshirt,

Black shorts and suede thigh high boots, shinny leggings and grey peep toe boots and with green wool harem pants.

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