A Furry Issue


As any fashionista will know fur is and probably will always be in fashion! But as an animal lover I have always had a bit of a problem with it. My mother actually has a beautiful black rabbit fur coat, which she has said I can have, but I have yet to claim as I have undecided feelings.

I really can’t stand those fox stoles, the ones that are basically just a dried out fox carcass including head legs and tail that people ostentatiously drape around their shoulders. If it has a face how can you possibly bear to wear it – it just creeps me out. But on the other hand I have seen and fallen in love with some really beautiful fur coats.

My friend recently bought a lovely white fox fur coat from a vintage market and despite my reservations I was in love with it too. We were told it was from the 80’s and the condition was excellent, so wasn’t my friend therefore doing the fox a favour by recycling its skin? I mean the fox had died long ago and was not recently killed in the name of fashion so that’s ok right???

But then I’ve seen those documentaries showing how these animals live their lives before becoming a coat and I think that disturbs me the most. I wouldn’t want to think something suffered so that I could wear it but yet I am still thinking of claiming that rabbit coat. The day after the fox fur coat I was walking near my house when a wild fox popped up and ran along the street and I think the fur looked a lot better on the fox. Can you love the fur coat and the animal?? I’m not sure you can.

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