Monday work wear


So after thinking I had decided what to wear on Monday morning the night before ( I planned a black satin embroidered dress with black tights and shoes, I know a little morbid but its a good look) I woke up to bright sunlight and blue skies, not normally something to complain about but it completely threw my plan for all black out the window - I didn't want to be the one person wearing black tights on the hottest day of the month.
So I chose an outfit I'd worn before and pushed creativity aside. I wore a cute little denim effect flippy skirt with a red and white table cloth style top ( maybe a little milk maid) and black gladiator sandals with a wide red suede waist belt. (I'll upload a picture later). So even tho it wasn't my most creative choice of outfit I think it worked and I fell cute with a fifties feel.
I think its important to dress so that you are comfortable but also enjoy wearing the clothes - I mean I'm comfortable in a tracksuit but I'd never leave the house in it. I think that fashion is all about creativity and showing people your personality through your clothes. I like to think I am a creative dresser but also fun. Even if it sometime means killing my feet to totter in killer heels.
But what do you think?

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