Reinvent my wardrobe


Its that time again, as Sunday descends into night Monday morning ever looms and the difficult decision of what to wear to kick the week off grows bigger. After a whole two days of slumming it in jeans, t-shirt and trainers I want to make an impression on Monday morning, especially as there is an early morning meeting to look forward to.
Unlike the majority of the working force I have complete freedom of what I can wear to work, which in my opinion makes it all the more harder to decide. It also feels like I have exhausted my combinations with the exception of wearing formal office wear of black trousers and shirt combo, but for me that just feels like a wasted opportunity of creativity.
I actually have quite a nice hot pink silk tunic dress I have yet to wear - in fact it still has the tags on and it needs a damn good steaming, but I fear that is is too bright for the day never mind a Monday.
To be honest I am quite disappointed with my current wardrobe, but unable to spend any more money on clothes I am stuck with it. I keep rummaging in the back in the hope that something fabulous will appear, maybe I stuck something at the back and forgot about it....but my rummages confirm I have sadly not. Hmm time to reinvent, recycle and recreate I think. Maybe i can create a mini trend.....maybe not. I'll tell you what I wore tomorrow.

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