Tricky Lace


Through the winter months I have come to love the winter skirt or dress, after all who wants to be stuck in trousers all winter long, and i have to admit i have a bit of a tights fetish. I particularly love my AW08 Urban Outfitters Gothic lace tights but i find every time i put them on i spend about half an hour pondering them in the mirror before swapping them for a pair of opaques.

Dont get me wrong I'm not a lace phobic - i love it - i love my little black lace top, my Topshop lace dress and lace layered up, but when it comes to lace tights I'm stumped. Here is the problem:

No.1 I am tall so i have longer legs and therefore more leg flesh to be seen through the lace.
No.2 Most of my leg baring winter wear are either short dress or shorts themselves - coupled with lace tights creates quite a trashy 'look at me look'. Not quite what I was going for.

I also think layering lace tights over coloured opaques to be also a bit too much esp if the opaques are bight and the lace is black.
Bright tights + black lace tights = TRASH ALERT

So far I have not seen anyone who can work the lace tights. If you think you can do it with style please send me your suggestions or pics and i will happily put them up. Until then I think the lace tights will be restricted to Halloween outing only.

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