Punk Me - I love this eyeliner!!


As a long time eyeliner addict I have been on a constant search for the perfect eyeliner, that is easy to apply but creates a clean smooth line.

I usually use kohl but am always annoyed when it runs down and needs to be sharpened, and there is never a sharpener around.
As for the long stick like liquid eyeliners - my hand has always been too shaky to give a smooth line, until now.

I came across this "felt tip pen" style liner in Superdrug for £4.95! - it reminded me of the more pricey YSL liner that is currently £21 in shops and looked like it would solve my eyeliner woes.

A week after buying,my eyeliner has never looked so smooth and neat and it does'nt run down your face or make a mess. I'm in eyeliner heaven.

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