I love Winter Warms



So it has been a while since I last posted in August, and as you may imagine I have now resigned the flirty summer dresses and short shorts to the storage cupboard and embraced again my winter woolies.

Maybe being born in winter (I'm a Decemember born) is the reason why I delight in thick scarfs, wool coats and knitted pom pom hats. I just cant get enough and to kick off my new posting I have made a mood board of all the winter gems I am loving or lusting over at the moment. From Burberry's shearling jacket to the return of fairisle knits here are my top winter treats.

I just love this Burberry shearling jacket, its the coat of the season and I heart the cute Topshop pom pom hat. I'm also have a moment with leopard print and Louboutin - a match made in heaven and these little booties are both sexy and cosy looking - if only I could walk in 5 inch heels (and money was no object) they would be mine!

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