On my ipod /tv - Haim and American Horror


If i could persuade my sister to sing with me and we were anywhere near half decent, and we could play instruments and had long swishy hair, and a third sister we would be Haim.

I cant get enough of them and their unassuming coolness. If you haven't checked them out yet do it now.

Falling is my favourite song at the moment: 'Never look back, Never give up'


I am a total telly addict - i love to settle down on the sofa with a good tv show and me and J have already ploughed our way through Breaking Bad, Dexter, currently watching Walking Dead and waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones.

At the moment however I am watching American Horror Story and I have realised   that I am a closed horror freak after years of saying I don't like horror.

American Horror Story isn't your usual tv show - its a very graphic and gruesome show and it is quite controversial  and I wouldn't advise watching it while eating your dinner as I have found out.

I cant talk about the cast in this show more tho - Jessica Lange is amazing and plays these characters that really get under your skin, she has also won three awards for the show an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actor's Guild Award. I also love Taissa Farmiga in the show - her hair is gorgeous and Evan Peters - who I root for each season.

American Horror originally aired in America in 2011 but only recently popped up on my Netflix and I'm currently watching series three - The Coven after blitzing through series one - Murder House which was madness and series two - Asylum which was creepy and disturbing to say the least. Each season is a new story with the actors playing different characters so the show never gets boring. The Coven also stars Emma Roberts who is amazing and past series have included Zachary Quinto and Kate Mara who I hope come back in later series.

The Coven is also making me think that a nice black panama would be an appropriate addition to my wardrobe. Hmm


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