Everyone likes a Funky T-Shirt!


If you like me love a good graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt then look no further than www.dnagenes.co.uk

A new London based clothing brand, Dnae Genes's ethos and inspiration is generated by 'the positive diversity of people, human strength and unity', which translates to some pretty funky designs which brighten up sweat shirts and t-shirts for men and women.

I particularly like the 'Interplanetary Sweatshirt' for men (pictured), although i would wear it in a mannish baggy kinda way with jeans and the 'More Alive Tee' which is for men and women, as most of the designs are, which I would funk up with some cool black boots and a little skirt for the ultimate pop meets grunge look.

In fact you may have already come across this label as they are already stocked in Hooky in Brick Lane and 15 Minutes on Kings Road, so if you are not clicking on their website check out their stuff stocked in and around London (and Denmark) and pick up something original to wear on your chest.

Click me for the website

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