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Apologies for the lack of posting in the last few weeks - can't believe my last post was September when so much has happened in the fashion world.

Milan and Paris fashion weeks have been and gone with plenty of drama - Prada girls slipping over on the catwalk (their slippy pop socks were to blame - cos we all know models can walk in heels) and there were the fabulous hats at John Galliano (of course)with hats paying homage to British art- history. My favourite was the Napoleonic esque hat.

And of course we are now officially into AW08 territory - in fact it was only last week I pulled out my winter coat (and bought another one - buts that's another post). So for all of you who haven't been checking up the trends on then I'll tell you - black, lace and big hair is what you need to know.

Think Camden Goth meets West London socialite and you might get an idea - keep the black nails, zips and leather but throw in some luxe fabrics like lace, silk or chiffon and you will be on trend. But if black is not your thing then this season is also paying homage to the 70's with wide flared jeans and plaid still going strong into winter.

So sorry for the 'No Post's but keep coming back cos I've got plently more in the pipe line.


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