All i want for Christmas is Boots Boots Boots


I am definitely a winter shoe girl. This was decided one day last week when i was overwhelmed by the amount of winter boots i saw and fell in love with. I prefer a good flat boot over a strappy sandal any-day and I'm a sucker for anything suede, leather, fringed or lace-up-able, this season will most certainly see my winter shoe collection grow to staggering heights.

I have a winter boot list currently growing, taking over my Christmas wish list. Thankfully my birthday is also in December, which makes sense as this love of winter wear must have been growing since birth and may be entirely due to living in Germany, dressed in cute snow boots as a child.

At the top of my list are the most lovable black fringe/tassel suede boots from Zara. I saw them on a PR type woman and had to ask where they were from fully thinking they were going to be out of my price range. They are very on trend for winter and have a great solid heel on them - love at first sight. (Boyfriend take note)

Then i fell for a pair of sexy military boots with laces and solid heels from All Saints (see picture). Gorgeous in leather and although they may not have any striking features they look so punk/goth and tough and just looked amazing on my feet.

Also on my eternal list of boots to buy are a pair of pale nude lace up hiker boots and some over the knee black flat boots, which i have been chasing around on ebay the hope of a bargain.

Despite being low on funds i will be fueling this dirty love affair with boots and for those people who refused to consider boots as a suitable birthday/Christmas present (on the grounds i already have too many shoes) - are you crazy!! A girl can never have too many shoes, or in my case boots, boots, boots!

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