I need more!


Shoes! I need more shoes for summer. Fact!
On analysis of my summer shoe collection and after trying several summer outfits (yes i know its only April but this might be all the summer we are getting in the UK)I have realised that i am in severe lack of appropriate shoes.

But i feel that the shoes i seek/need do not exist - please tell me if you have seen them. They have to be summery, black, flat but in a pretty way and be comfortable. Easy to put on and easy to walk in. hmmm...
I though I had them in the form of a pair of cute leather and patent flat pumps but i quickly found out my feet are too flat/skinny and do not have enough foot to hold the shoe on - resulting in me sticking my foot into the pumps with tape.
All my other shoes are too hot (trainers or boots) too high for the amount of walking i do (high wooden heels and wedges) or they dont stay on my feet.

I will tell if you i find the elusive shoes but until then i think i am going to invest in double sided tape.

TIP if you have trouble keeping your shoes on your feet stick them in using double sided tape! or buy new shoes

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