These boots were made for stomping


I've been looking for the perfect pair of boots for a while now and i think i might have just found them. Last week at the ASOS press day these biker beauties popped up and made me immediately want them. And if you are thinking that they look familiar you are right, because they are an almost exact copy of the Chloe flat studded biker boots that were very popular and very sold out last year.

Now i don't normally like a copy, they are usually poorly made and don't even compare to the real thing and believe me if I had a spare £800 lying around to buy the original Chloe boots I would have in a heartbeat, but I don't. And these ASOS boots look so good I can forgive them for their lack creativity and at £100 they are a lot nicer to my bank account and I can have them and still be able to pay the rent.

Although it still feels like I am making a bit of a fashion sin by buying them and even more of a sin by blogging about them, as no doubt they are already going to be popular enough and I just pray I don't see them on the feet of every indie kid and fashionista within the M25. But it is the credit crunch and a girl has gotta have her boots.

Now i just have to wait until they are available to buy, which will no doubt in a couple of months (sorry I don't know the exact date). I guess in the meantime I will just have to look for the perfect jeans/skirts to go with my future studded boots. ASOS if you are reading this I'm a size 7.

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