DIY Dip Dye Denim


Denim is having a resurgence this summer and there are a lot of bleached and customised denim hitting the streets.

So i thought i would have a go myself. I found this plain denim shirt (see before pic below) in H&M for 14.99 and decided to dip bleach the bottom.

It was quite easy to do, all you need is some strong white bleach, a tub or bucket, rubber gloves and water.

Wet the shirt where you want it to be bleached and set it aside.
Wearing the gloves mix the bleach with the water, i ended up using the whole bottle of bleach with 5 parts water.
Then dip the shirt into the bleach and leave the top part that you want to remain blue hangin over the top.

I originally wanted the bottom to turn a light blue not white but the shirt rose out of the bleach and turned white in patches so i had to weigh it down to keep it all consitently in the bleach.
If you want a light blue I'd recommend leaving it in the bleach for 1-2 hours - check after an hour.
If you want to bleach the bottom white then bleach the shirt for 3- 4 hours or longer.

I wanted to dye the collar tips too so i diped these into the bleach at the end and left them to turn light blue.

Then once you are happy with the colour squeeze the bleach out and wash the shirt as usual in the washing machine and hang to dry.

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