How to Wear: Yellow Pleated Skirt


So I have been rearranging my wardrobe recently, doing a bit of a spring reshuffle and some colour coordinating. My wardrobe looks so organised!

While I was re-organising I re-discovered my lemon yellow pleated midi skirt from Oasis that I bought over a year ago but I have never worn. I really wanted to keep the skirt but its not as easy to throw on like a pair of jeans are, so I thought I'd have a root around my wardrobe and come up with some different ways to make the skirt more wearable.

Floaty pleated skirts are all over the place right now and they just feel so pretty and summery so I really want to get this beauty out into the daylight.

For a similar yellow pleated skirt try this sporty pleat midi from Topshop or this yellow circle jersey  skirt from Cos.

LOOK 1 - Grunge/Casual  One of the reasons that I haven't worn this skirt is that it seems like effort and its such a pretty skirt and I can be a little anti - pretty most of the time.

[caption id="attachment_359" align="alignnone" width="630"]Yellow skirt grunge Oasis Skirt, Luella t-shirt, vintage belt, RayBan sunglasses, ASOS chelsea boots, Born in Canada cuff[/caption]

This Grunge style look is effortless, I don't like wearing heels as I'm already tall enough and why put my feet through this. So I'm either in my trainers or flat black boots. The white Luella bat-man print tee is fun and quirky and takes away the formality of wearing a full pleated skirt. I could easily wear this as a casual day time look - completed with a leather jacket of course.

[caption id="attachment_358" align="alignnone" width="630"]yellow grunge leather Leather Jacket - Urban Code[/caption]

For a similar look I love these slogan print tees:

zoe karson markus lupferbatman





LOOK 2 - Sport Luxe I really like the idea of wearing skirts with trainers, its the Tom-boy within me always looking to get my feet into trainers. So as a result I am a little obsessed with trainer wedges/heels. Call them what you like, they look cool and are easy-peasy to walk in - remember I don't like heels. Wedges are a different category though so its ok. I'm not really the type for crop tops, and this is in fact a folded up t-shirt, but I thought it was a fun way to pair a simple white tee with the skirt and it works.

[caption id="attachment_357" align="alignnone" width="630"]yellow crop top Splendid T-shirt rolled up, Necklace from eBay. Orange watch Michael Kors and Ash silver trainer wedges.[/caption]

If you, like me, are less likely to wear a cropped t-shirt anywhere other than your balcony then you could pair a sporty style t-shirt similar to the Primark quilted faux leather tee below:

[caption id="attachment_360" align="alignnone" width="630"]yellow skirt sport Primark grey quilted faux leather t-shirt[/caption]

For a similar look try these tees:

spledidtopshoplargerfield   dkny

Look 3 - Date Night Black  I'm really looking forward to wearing this skirt in the evening as I think would be more fun to wear colour in the evening especially as the weather is getting warmer. So I have teamed it with three different black lace or sheer shirts I have for a more sophisticated look - one includes heels (well wedges)

[caption id="attachment_356" align="alignnone" width="1100"]black top L-R Vintage Lace shirt with Office peep toe wedges, Topshop lace peplum shirt with ASOS Ladybug flats and Primark sheer shirt with ASOS belt and shoes as before[/caption]

I really like the vintage lace shirt from Look one and because it was so lacey I felt that it should be teamed with some wedge booties which I got a while ago from Office.

The Topshop lace peplum top in Look two adds to the shape of the skirt with the peplum spilling over the top of the skirt to add extra volume. I think the ASOS flats look pretty cute with this skirt too.

black top close up I added a belt around the peplum of the top to cinch it in at the waist and teamed my cobalt blue clutch with it for a colour pop.


The Primark sheer blouse in Look three is a more laid back simple look which I like alot, you could wear this to the office and then out for dinner or just for relaxed drinks and dressed up with simple court heels if you are the sort for high heels.


But with flats you can dance around, like this:


So hopefully this little yellow skirt will be making its outing very soon. Leave me a comment below telling me which look you like best or how you would wear your lemon pleated skirt.

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