New Beauty Haul: bareMinerals, Body Shop and Topshop


beauty haul

I have been having a bit of  a beauty moment recently and yesterday I went on a mini beauty spree in Westfield and above are the fruits of my labor. We were in Westfield to watch Godzilla and I had a good 30 mins to kill so I took full advantage.

First up was bareMinerals in Boots where I replaced my missing bareMinerals foundation. I have missed this little baby from my beauty box recently and I'm so glad to have it back - I feel like myself again. I originally wanted a slightly darker shade of Light but I had to take the Fairly Light as that's all they had at the time. I'm happy to wear either shade as both suit my skin tone.

Next up was Body Shop and I need to credit EssieButton here as she is the reason I made my purchases. #thebloggermademedoit.

On her YouTube channel and her blog she has recommended both products that I purchased and after seeing them in store I knew I wanted them.

body shop make up

The first product is the Aloe Lip Care which soothes very dry lips and as Essie explained will fix any problems with dryness you might have with your lips. I tried the product on in the cinema because I couldn't wait to get home. The smell is amazing and the product is quick thick but not gloopy and really does feel that it is doing good.

The second product I got was the Honeycomb Bronzer in shade 02 which Essie described as giving an excellent al-round glow. They didnt have any out on the shelf so I had to ask a shop assistant who very kindly went and got me one from the back. However there was only one shade, which I swatched before buying and it suited me, but I would have liked to see the full range of shades. Saying that this bronzer is amazing, it has given an excellent natural glow and has not left me looking orange or like I have fallen in a vat of fake tan.

I next trotted over to Topshop, just for a look really, and ended up buying four beauty products. Oops.


They had an offer where if you spend over £15 you received a free Lip Cream - so it seemed rude not to.


I had actually had my eye on the Eyes Duo - Long Weekend set after swatching the peachy orange a while ago. I must say it is an excellent eyeshadow. The peachy orange colour is really complimentary and adds a pop of colour to the eye without looking too unnatural. The gold shade on the other side is very shimmery and translucent and I would probably wear it to go out in.


I also wanted to get a more precise eyeliner so I picked up the Magic Liner which has a perfect pointed felt tip end, great for flicking. However after first use it is apparent that I need alot more practice with it.

I also picked up the Matte Nails nail colour in 20N11F PNK - which is a pretty pale pink. I have yet to try it on but I'm interested to see what the matte effect    will look like.

lip cream

And finally I picked up the Lip Cream, for free, in Pout - which is a very bright orange. I would have preferred a pinker shade but it was either the orange or a plum shade and I quite liked the orange. The smell of the lip cream is very sweet and nice but the application is tricky, it goes on quite thick and clumps if you have any dry spots on your lips and I needed to rub the colour into my lips to make it look smooth. I still really liked the colour on my lips however but for the quality I'm not sure I would purchase it again.

Well those are my recent beauty buys. Leave me a comment letting me know if you have bought any of the above products recently and what you think. x

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