Cruelty Free Beauty and Autumn Fashion Haul - Very First Video Blog!!!



I have a little addiction to fashion and beauty video blogs on YouTube and have been following several beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers for several months now. I especially enjoy listening to them talk about products they have purchased as it gives me an idea of what the product is like before I buy it, its like having a personal beauty advisor at the tips of your fingers!

So I finally decided to make my own beauty and fashion vlog on my own favourites and share it with the world. Eeek!!
I must admit making a video is a lot harder than it looks, but after I was happy with the light, sound and background surroundings I sat down and started to talk about the cruelty free beauty favourites I have been buying and some Autumn fashion buys.

makeup bag

I feel quite strongly about using beauty products that have not been tested on animals and through my research I came across this website called , which is an online beauty retailer that is dedicated to selling products that have not been tested on animals, and contain the highest percentage of ethically sourced, organic ingredients. I didn't talk about this website enough in the video but it is amazing! I bought the bareMinerals blusher from them and delivery was free and it arrived the next day!

I'm also excited about the fact that it is now Autumn! I'm a winter baby so I love the winter, just for the fact that you can wrap up in jumpers, tights and woolly scarves.

I talk about my Autumn fashion purchases from New Look, ASOS and F&F but here I am showing you how I like to wear them now autumn is officially here;

Leather Leggings

blue dress swing blue dress 2

Jumper 2 fluffy jumper

So if you want to know what beauty and fashion items I'm loving this month check out my video blog and let me know what you think either in the comments on YouTube or below. Thanks x

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