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Finding the right foundation is never easy, especially if you have difficult skin and are looking for something ethical. So I'm excited when I say I've not only found one foundation, but two! And both are cruelty free.

bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

After having several bad experiences with liquid foundations of various brands I switched to powder foundation a few years ago and found the bareMinerals foundation to be perfect for my skin, however it never quite gave the flawless finish I wanted. So when bareMinerals released their liquid bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation I was eager to try it.

As its a serum it is light weight and has a very fluid liquid consistency, so you have to make sure you shake it well to ensure all the pigment and particles come together.  As its a mineral serum foundation you are advised not to use a primer so that the serum can soak into your skin.

I was initially really pleased with this foundation it gave light coverage and didn't make my skin feel itchy, however on the one occasion I had forgot to moisturise beforehand I did get a tight, mask like feeling to my skin.

After using this foundation for about two months now I have found that it gives a lightweight dewy finish to the skin but not a flawless finish. I have found that it sticks to the dry areas of my skin and seems to enhance imperfections regardless of how thick or thinly it is applied and I can only use this if I'm having a good skin day. I think once my skin has calmed down I would use this foundation for days when I don't want to look too made up, but for an everyday foundation this doesn't work for me, at least not in winter.

B.Youthful Anti-Aging Foundation

The second foundation I have added to my beauty collection is the B.Youthful Anti-Aging Foundation from vegan make up brand B. which is exclusively stocked in Superdrug.

I found the B. Youthful foundation really easily to wear and it seems to glide on. It doesn't irritate my skin either and feels hydrating while wearing it, thanks to the hyaluronic acid , I never experienced the 'mask effect' like I have in the past with other foundations. The consistency of this foundation is  also considerably thicker than the bareMinerals and is more cream like, so you can easily create that flawless finish.

B. claim that with everyday use you should be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 18% percent, I'm not sure I can claim to have noticed that but I am definitely happy with the effects of this foundation and its wear-ability.

I have found that it gives great coverage and sinks into the skin. I have been using a Real Techniques make up blender to apply both foundations and I am able to create an excellent finish with this foundation. I find that I am reaching for this foundation time and again when I want to use a liquid base as it ticks all the boxes for me and doesn't irritate my skin.

Comment below if you have tried either of these foundations and let me know what you thought of them.

Thanks x

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