WWYF - Wear What You Feel - New Fashion Label



Over the last few weeks I have been using my height advantage to do a spot of modelling for my friend On, for his new fashion label WWYF.

On launched his label WWYF, pronounced 'wife' and which stands for Wear What You Feel, back in December 2014 on ASOS Marketplace, with a menswear collection followed swiftly by the womenswear that launched in January this year.

The brand's ethos is mirrored in the name 'Wear What You Feel' and is all about wearing clothes that are fun and feel right to you regardless of what everyone else is doing or wearing, WWYF is very much about dressing for yourself and having fun with it.

And working with On has definitely been fun! The clothes are laid back but carry a sense of playfulness and joy in dressing to please yourself.

The collection ranges from minimalist sportswear, including sky blue baseball jackets and luxe sweatshirts to Harajuku babe with a 90's normcore twist - think pastel coloured maxi pleats and edgy lace midi skirts.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the women's collection:

Camel Wool Belted Coat - an essential for every wardrobe


Cute Fawn Sweatshirt - Eat your heart out Bambi!


Black and White Check Sweatshirt - Laid back chic

check sweatshirt

 Multi Fuzzy Jumper - This jumper is seriously soft! 9eb8e814-4c1c-4c32-bf02-764def593ed2_huge

The Little Black Asymmetric Dress - a twist on a classic


Check out the collection on ASOS Marketplace and be sure to follow WWYF to keep up to date with all the latest stock drops and let us know what you think of the collection. What is your favourite?

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