End of London Fashion Week


Ah the end of London Fashion Week was Friday and although I didn't get the chance to attend some of the end of FW parties I did get to see two wicked shows on Friday.
I was third row (I'll explain) at Ashish and I think it may have been my highlight of LFW.

There was silver fringing, frayed denim hot pants and Alice in Wonderland like sparkly dresses, depicting the Queen of Hearts card. There was plenty of sparkle and the collection was fun with wide leg jeans with large dice patches and spangly camouflage.

It was also quite amusing to see the confused face of the PR guy when I produced a front row ticket but requested to sit third row. You see unfortunately the ticket was not sent to me at work and was actually the property of an fashion exec - but she couldn't make it. Hence said ticket being passed to the intern (that's me). But we had been given strict orders not to sit front row as it 'would not look good for the company' so I requested to sit third row and sadly watched the very cool black and orange RayBan style sunglasses (only front and second row got a pair) snapped up.

I finished off Friday watching Aminaka Wilmont whose models looked very severe and had a very grown up collection with lots of grey tailoring and long shirts.

Overall I had a great LFW - I just cant wait until next season........

*The piture is of Ashish and although it is blurry you can see the kind of sparkle and fringing I was talking about. The models looked fierce too with black kohl eyes and backcombed big hair.

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