Pop goes Holland SS09


House of Holland SS09

Retro POP was what House of Holland was all about yesterday, with an explosion of bright bold flower prints and powerful polka dots. Alas I was not at the show to see it myself but the pictures from the show look amazing.
Naturally Holland’s BFF Agnes Deyn opened and closed the show for him, which couldn’t have made his show cooler and more desirable to see.

His collection influenced by the 90’s, (apparently he was inspired by Beverly Hills 90210) was full of acid oranges and yellows, clashing prints of polka dots and lurid flower printed jumpsuits. Sheer skirts and dizzy bright flower prints injected some summer fun into the catwalk yesterday but his latest is not for the faint hearted.

There were whispers of ‘What was he thinking’ in the office when we saw a very confused looking polka crazy menswear look, but I think with Holland, his madness is his making. His clothes are anything but subtle and couldn’t possibly be worn by any respectable person over the age of 25 (even that may be pushing it) but I think that’s his appeal. He’s young and fun and that shows in his collection.

I mean what could we have expected from the man that brought us bright blue mini kilts with a matching eye patch last autumn? I say keep doing what you do best Henry, besides I loved the 90’s.

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