Beauty Review : bareMinerals 8.0 Power Neutrals Palette


Its heeeeerrrrre!!!!  I blogged about this bareMinerals palette in a previous post as being one of my eye palette obsessions and now this little beauty is mine and I couldn't love it more!

I don't often use eye-shadow and I have quite big eyes so any bold colour can look a little over powering on me or if I'm using colour, I look like an 80's pop star in a bad way. I already went through my blue eye-shadow phase as a teen and I've vowed never to go back.
So a set of 'Power Neutrals' seemed perfect for an eye-shadow-phobe like me.

bare min closed

It arrived in a little gold box with an instruction leaflet with some ideas on how to blend the colours which include mat skin tones and more sparkly highlights as well as greys and khakis. The actual palette is also in a reflective gold metal tone to mark it as a Limited Edition palette which I think is really pretty.
The idea of this palette is that it will complement any skin tone and the eye-shadow are made of sea minerals including coffee to soothe and pep up the skin.

I was expecting it to be slightly larger and at first I was a little underwhelmed that the shadows were quite small but less is more and the size is actually perfect to carry around in your bag. It comes with a mirror inside and an applicator brush that is tapered at one end so you are all set for doing your make-up on the go.
The selection of colours are really rich and quite stunning and some of the pressed powders seem more like cream on the skin, they are that luxurious. They blend really well together and the colour lasts all day.

[caption id="attachment_256" align="alignnone" width="600"]bareminerals Top left to right: Boss Lady (shimmer bronze) + Moneymaker (dusty olive) + Schmooze (bronze sheen) + Boardroom (deep chocolate) Bottom left to right: Exec (polished slate) + Payday (light granite) + Magnate (nude peach) + Get Ahead (rustic taupe)[/caption]

I immediately was drawn to the pale neutral shades (Boss Lady, Schmooze and Magnate) which suit my skin tone wonderfully, Magnate particularly is a complete match to my skin tone and make my lids look flawless. I have tried to swatch the colours below but it was difficult to show the colours properly in the light so forgive me.

swatch 3

I was a little wary of the olive coloured 'Moneymaker' because it is quite a strong khaki colour on my skin, but after blending it into my lid its a really wearable day colour that isn't as harsh as wearing a brown or a black. Where as the grey colours, 'Exec' and 'Payday', work brilliant together to create a subtle smoky eye for day or night.
However my favourite is 'Get Ahead' which is a soft brown and looks like velvet on my lids and the Boss Lady is perfect for an under-brow highlight where as I use 'Boardroom', which is a very chocolate brown, for my lower lash lines and also to define my brows using the tapered end of the brush.

I think this little palette is perfect for everyday wear, and as the shadow names suggest, it is perfect for wearing to work without looking too done up and over the top.
Its just the ideal palette to have as a go to and you can easily build on the lighter shades to make an impressive evening eye.

It is however limited edition and has been out for a little while, at least in the States so snap this little beauty up at bareMinerals while you can. x

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