Beyonce's make-up secrets revealed!



I must admit to you all that I have an obsession with Beyonce. She is one of my idols, I love her style, her music, how she keeps her relationship private and how she is a strong female in our modern culture. I honestly could gush about Beyonce all day.

I think she always looks flawless and stunning so I squealed a little when I read that her long standing make up artist, Francesca Tolot,  had spoken to Into The Gloss website about what it takes to make Beyonce beautiful, I mean it can't really be that hard a job, can it?

In the interview Francesca, who has worked with Beyonce for 10 years, discusses what it took to create some of Beyonce's famous looks from her music videos to her magazine shoots.


I was actually watching Beyonce's 'If I was a boy' video just the other day and thinking to myself wow Beyonce looks flawless yet seems to have no make- up on - how does she do that? Well Francesca explains that to create this look that 'there was really practically no makeup there' - wow I knew it. Francesca explains that all it took was 'moisturiser and maybe a little bit of concealer and lip balm'. I wish I could look that great with just moisturiser and lipbalm!

During the interview Francesca explains some of Beyonce's most well known looks from her 'Crazy in Love' video where Francesca describes the make-up as 'barely there' and her shoot for W magazine where she bleached Bey's eyebrows white!

Francesca also talks through what has helped make Beyonce look so amazing and here are some of her top products:

Amazing Concealer 'It’s very intense, very rich. It really covers a big problem if you need it to...'
La Mer The Radiant Concealer '’s very moisturising and it doesn't dry or crease.'


On talking about the mascara that makes Beyonce's killer lashes Francesca said that the MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara is a staple used on Beyonce 'it's the best mascara right now, so that’s kind of a constant.'

Francesca's other top mascara for Bey is the L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes which is only £10.99!

Francesca also admitted that she does not use false eyelashes on Beyonce anymore as they both find false eyelashes are 'dated'. Which I agree with - I much prefer real eyelashes - less fuss.

Francesca's also talked about what exactly made Beyonce glow in the 1+1 video:

Francesca says that there was an 'ultimate use of baby oil' in the 1+1 video which leaves the skin 'nice and smooth' after being wiped off but that she couldn't use make-up  'because it would be gone in two seconds.' However after watching the video I assume she is referring the the glow on Beyonce's skin as it is clear that Beyonce is at least wearing eye-shadow and lip products, so I guess she didn't let all the secrets slip.

However she did admit that she likes to mix in shimmer and oil into moisturiser to create the glowing skin look that Beyonce is famous for and likes the Nars Body Glow and RCK Luminous Body Glow products for luminous looking skin.

So it seems that Beyonce's major beauty secret is just simply beautiful skin. That and the fact that she is already gorgeous.

For the full interview by Annie Kreighbaum visit Into the Gloss.

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