Topshop Spring Basics


topshop tee

When it comes to my staple wardrobes items jeans and a t-shirt make the top of  the list, closely followed by a clean simple jumper. I'm not a girly girl so I practically live in jeans and a t-shirt or when its still cool weather, like it is now -  a nice fine knit jumper.

I'm a little obsessed with finding the 'perfect' white t-shirt. In my eyes there are a few boxes it has to tick. The material has to be either a soft cotton or a fine jersey so the material drapes and hangs nicely and the sleeves have to be the right length and create the right overall shape. The neck line should be flattering - I am still looking for the perfect round neck that isn't too high or too low - but this Topshop tee (above) is a pretty good v-neck - low enough to be flattering but not revealing. I am pretty pleased with this white v-neck and you can be surprised how good a decent white t-shirt can look.

When it comes to jeans I prefer to buy from Topshop rather than any other high street retailer. For my height (I'm 5'9) they fit me perfectly and have a range of leg lengths, although I prefer my jeans to neatly end at my ankles so I choose a 32 inch leg and a 28 inch waist.

These are the Leigh style jeans which are a soft skinny leg jeans. The leopard loafers are also Topshop but from a little while ago.

topshop jeans


And finally I really love this Topshop grey jumper. It's a slouchy knit that drapes perfectly and has been my go to item for the cooler spring days.

topshop jum 2

topshop jumper

Unfortunately it looks like the weather is about to get colder again in London so it looks like I've just bought this just in the knit of time.

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